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    19. While My Solo Gently Drives Me Insane

    Ben talks about his new Apollo 8 interface and shows off a few guitar tones. Daniel and Ben discuss the certain solos that have been practiced so much they are nearly unplayable now.

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    18. Space Cowboys and Cover Bands

    In this episode Ben & Dan catch up on what's been happening lately, including Ben's new amp, Daniels experiences joining and subsequently leaving a band. Dan switches up his gear and shows off his new Wiretap pedal, from TC Electronics.

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    15. Les Paul Giddy

    Ben shows off his progress on Whole Lotta Love, and Daniel displays his unadulterated, palpable giddiness for his new Les Paul.

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    13. The Boost Came After The Muff

    In this episode Dan talks about acquiring an old ES-175, the Mesa Boogie Mark V:25.  Ben talks about the Eagles Documentary, getting Animals-style tone with the ElecLady, and demonstrates how he uses the Ditto Looper to solo over chord progressions.

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    12. There Was A Lot Of Suck

    Ben and Daniel chat with special guest Alex Vollmer about technique, competition amongst guitarists, and playing guitar with Steve Vai.

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    11. Stereo Rigs & Sloe Gin

    Daniel demonstrates his stereo rig setup. Ben talks about the Mooer ElecLady pedal and some stuff he's been enjoying lately.

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    10. Guitar Lust

    Ben and Daniel return to the studio to discuss playing Live with James Dempsey, P90 pickups, Les Pauls, new pedals, and more.

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    9. Royal Albert Hall OMG!

    Ben & Daniel discuss reverb; how it started, traditional reverb styles, and some pedals we've tried (or lusted over).

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    8. Again with the Damn Volume

    Ben & Daniel discuss some of the virtual amps & effects options out there including AmpKit, Positive Grid's Bias, and more.

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