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    26. Stick the Landing

    Alex Vollmer joins Ben & Dan to discuss the Kemper Profiler amplifier.

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    25. Oh My Toothpaste

    Ben & Dan catch up on current gear, focus, and frustrations. Ben plays a few samples from the Fuchs Train II and Dirty Shirley amp plugins for the UA Apollo. Ben also chats about his new wireless guitar system.

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    24. Spaceballs the Toilet Paper

    Ben & Dan are joined by Airplane Mode frontman, Dave Wiskus. They discuss 90's rock, influences, learning guitar, recording in a studio, recording music videos, and more. Ben talks about his mini-gig. Dave commissions a painting.

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    23. Upside Down Lefty 5 String

    Ben & Dan welcome Joe Cieplinski on the show to talk about his role in the band Airplane Mode, recording, how his live show setup works, custom guitars and prog rock.

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    22. Obvious Flubs and Trademark Clams

    Ben talks about getting a new tone for Shine on You Crazy Diamond and using the Apollo in various configurations. Dan demos Plush and talks about tone pragmatism.

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    21. Did Kurt Cobain Need Theory!?

    Ben takes lessons and starts to see how theory helps connect the fretboard puzzle pieces together, Daniel talks about his experience playing live in a new setting. Ben & Dan also talk about how to mic an acoustic guitar.

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    20. This Thing is Awesome and I'm Broke Now

    Ben & Daniel chat about Universal Audio Apollo plugins, the latest podcasting setup. Ben talks about his 2nd Blues Jam experience, and Daniel shows off his new Wiretap pedal. Ben actually tries to make guitar noises with his mouth, and fails miserably.

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    19. While My Solo Gently Drives Me Insane

    Ben talks about his new Apollo 8 interface and shows off a few guitar tones. Daniel and Ben discuss the certain solos that have been practiced so much they are nearly unplayable now.

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    18. Space Cowboys and Cover Bands

    In this episode Ben & Dan catch up on what's been happening lately, including Ben's new amp, Daniels experiences joining and subsequently leaving a band. Dan switches up his gear and shows off his new Wiretap pedal, from TC Electronics.

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    15. Les Paul Giddy

    Ben shows off his progress on Whole Lotta Love, and Daniel displays his unadulterated, palpable giddiness for his new Les Paul.

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    13. The Boost Came After The Muff

    In this episode Dan talks about acquiring an old ES-175, the Mesa Boogie Mark V:25.  Ben talks about the Eagles Documentary, getting Animals-style tone with the ElecLady, and demonstrates how he uses the Ditto Looper to solo over chord progressions.

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    12. There Was A Lot Of Suck

    Ben and Daniel chat with special guest Alex Vollmer about technique, competition amongst guitarists, and playing guitar with Steve Vai.

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    11. Stereo Rigs & Sloe Gin

    Daniel demonstrates his stereo rig setup. Ben talks about the Mooer ElecLady pedal and some stuff he's been enjoying lately.

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    10. Guitar Lust

    Ben and Daniel return to the studio to discuss playing Live with James Dempsey, P90 pickups, Les Pauls, new pedals, and more.

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    9. Royal Albert Hall OMG!

    Ben & Daniel discuss reverb; how it started, traditional reverb styles, and some pedals we've tried (or lusted over).

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    8. Again with the Damn Volume

    Ben & Daniel discuss some of the virtual amps & effects options out there including AmpKit, Positive Grid's Bias, and more.

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    7. 8th Grade Wonder Band

    Ben and Daniel discuss the art of writing songs, how to combat the fear of "sucking", how to remember the things you are writing, and the importance of "showing up".

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    6. Kung Fu and Crazy Diamonds

    Ben and Daniel discuss learning and practice, how to be deliberate and make your practice "count". They also get into how they learn songs, and what resources they find helpful.

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    4. Go Home and Get Your Shine Boost

    Ben and Daniel discuss the various levels of gain pedals and effects, ranging from Boost pedals, Overdrive pedals, to full on distortion and fuzz.

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    2. Chickens to Sacrifice

    Ben & Daniel discuss the amps they play (and aspire to play), the difference between tube & solid-state amps, Fender & Marshall amps, and effects loops.

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    1. Bracing for Huge-Ass Delay

    Ben & Daniel discuss their guitar upbringing, and the guitars they gravitate towards. They go over a handful of fun pedals, including some discussion on delay effects.

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